There are compelling complementarities between the Government and Non-government sector - while NGOs have closer community and organisational basis and an ability to innovate; Government has the reach, scale and infrastructure for programme delivery over a large area. But there are serious doubts, and suspicions on both sides. Also systems of institutionalising the partnership do not exist in departments and government bodies. In this context, Roop Gramin was initiated as a result of the joint effort of the Government of Uttrakhand and a few leading voluntary agencies in 2007 to promote innovations in development and act as a interface between the government and the voluntary organizations. 

Roop Gramin began formal operations in 2007. While the broad goals and objectives of Roop Gramin were indicated in its Memorandum of Association (MoA); it was left to AR to chalk out its strategy and activities.

   Vision & Mission

"All round and large scale development requires a combination of capacities and efforts which cannot be provided by any single agency or system. To ensure that the benefits of development reach the poor in particular and the people in general it is necessary the government and NGOs pool their strengths and become partners"

Within this context Roop Gramin intends to ensure that there are an increased number of effective voluntary organisations working closely with marginalized communities in every district of Uttrakhand and that an enabling environment is developed within which the government and these organisations can form effective partnerships.

   Roles Roop Gramin Perform

The unique nature and position of Roop Gramin provides it with a unique positional advantage. Based on this understanding and, the roles for Roop Gramin have evolved , and have been refined depending on the assessment of the overall scenario. Roop Gramin broadly sees the following roles for itself: 
          -  Women Saving Group
          -  Computer Training
          -  NationalIntegarationProgramme
          -  Expenses on cultural programme
          -  Anti DrugeAwarencessCompasses
          -   Family Welfarw Awareness Camps
          -   Vocational Training Centre
          -   Formation & Training of self Help Group
          -   HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme
          -    Women & Child Heilth  Care.



Older people have the right to basic
age care facilities such as pensions, social security, health care, safety & security, transportation & mobility....


Roop Gramin India touches the lives of 15 lakh elders through its services every year to provide them with a better quality of life......


Roop Gramin India relies on external support to help the elderly live with dignity. Discover more about how we raise money and work to meet our objectives.......