Integrated Age Care

In a country of 90 million (current estimate) older persons, 33% live below the poverty line, 90% are from the unorganized sector with no social security, and 73% are illiterate & dependent on physical labour.

HelpAge reaches out to the underprivileged elderly through its various services in the areas of financial, health and emotional security.

HelpAge is slowly moving from welfare to integrated age care services for the elderly in urban & rural areas. Expanding its scope of services quantitatively as well as qualitatively. In the recent past new services have been started such as Elder Helplines, Physio care and existing services are experimenting in new areas. One such example is that of the Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU) program. The MMU service in some areas not only provides basic health care, but is also delving into new initiative such as providing disability aids, shelter assistance, yoga, specialized home visits, and provision of psychological therapy among others.


Older people have the right to basic
age care facilities such as pensions, social security, health care, safety & security, transportation & mobility....


Roop Gramin India touches the lives of 15 lakh elders through its services every year to provide them with a better quality of life......


Roop Gramin India relies on external support to help the elderly live with dignity. Discover more about how we raise money and work to meet our objectives.......